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Light product manufacturing operations are currently not within the purview of SPS’ QMS certification.

SPS builds various versions of ruggedized products and kits.

SPS provides our customers with additional buying power with the procurement of components and kits. We perform a variety of tasks including inventory management, product receipt, accountability, stockage and shelf-life (First In/First Out (FIFO)) management, completed storage, shipping, fielding support and product reporting. In addition, SPS provides qualified personnel to build kits to established standards that support multiple platforms. We provide Quality Control of all aspects of the program.


Project Management/Leadership Support

Requirements management and accountability. Meet performance specification and quality verification. 

Inspection and release approval

Prepare and manage inventory to meet production requirements

Configuration and data management, status accounting and reporting

Palletization, wrapping, packing listings and shipment to gaining units

Performance assessments, prepare & evaluate quality steps and plans

Provide systems for Defense Contracting Management Activity (DCMA)

Track warranty information by system

For more information on light product manufacturing, contact the business lead.



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