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SPS Provides Qualified and Expert Personnel delivering Readiness Solutions to Army and DoD Customers.

Team SPS is proud to provide a myriad of solutions that enhance the readiness of Army units and commands at all levels.  Current and former Chiefs of Staff of the Army have stated that “Readiness of the Total Army is the Number One Priority.”  SPS provides qualified personnel to enhance Army readiness by tracking unit readiness from the platoon to the Army level; by providing Subject Matter Experts with operational planning and execution expertise; by providing expertise to manage the National Maintenances System of depots and arsenals.  Our contractors comprise approximately ten percent of the workforce of Army Materiel Command, the Army’s premier logistics command at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.  We help the Army solve its operational energy problems at the Army Petroleum Center.  In short, SPS provides!


Monitor, track and enhance  equipment readiness for the Army

Ensure Accountability of Supplies and Equipment

Assure proper integration and fusion of operational reporting and intelligence

Sustain the Warfighter wherever on the globe

Develop supply and service soutions for the Army

Enable Mission Commanders at all levels to rpidly respond to challenging conditions

Provide oprational expertise and continuity for Army Material Command

Anticipate and supply warfighter needs

Enhance the Army's ability to project power rapidly.


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