SPS received a task order extension from Millennium Systems Services Inc.

SPS received a RS3 IDIQ at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.  The RS3 is a Multiple Award IDIQ Performance Based Services Contract that provides customized best value solutions to a diverse group of organizations that span the spectrum of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) mission requirements throughout the world. RS3 has a $37.4B ceiling with a 10-year ordering period (five-year base ordering period and five-year optional ordering period).

In support of Millennium Systems Services Inc. (MSSI) Prime contract award, SPS was granted an extension of its services to perform logistics analyses, maintaining and updating information management systems, and providing logistics support related to the operational objectives of the PMO for Cargo Helicopters (CH-47).  SPS is also providing logistics support of the CH-47D/CH-47F/MH-47 Programs; sub systems; product improvement initiatives; support equipment; to include the maintaining and updating of CH47-related technical publications.

SPS receives subcontract award from Victory Solutions for NASA’s MSFC Marshall Integrated Program Support Services (MIPSS) Configuration Management and Data Management Support.SPS project support focuses on the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) C at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), Redstone Arsenal, AL.

SPS is awarded a Small Business Prime Contract in support of the Army Program Office (APO) MRAP.  For this project, SPS will support the APO MRAP Materiel Fielding Program plans for the fielding of approximately 20,000 MRAP vehicles over the next three (3) years.  The vehicles are to be fielded to various locations within the United States and overseas. SPS will be directly involved with the deployment of a materiel system to ensure gaining units are fully trained in both the operation and maintenance of new equipment.

As a Subcontractor to URS/AECOM, SPS selected to provide personnel to support Aircraft and Aircraft Components Production at CCAD.  Major activities include Electrical Specialty Aircraft Production.   Project requirements include performing repair and installation of aircraft electronic radio and radar equipment including FM, AM, VHF, HF, and UHF radio receivers, transmitters, transceivers, marker beacon receivers, Omni receivers, automatic and manual loop antennae, automatic radio compass, gyro compass, amplifiers, slaved gyroscope compass, aircraft electronic intercommunica

SPS was selected as one of the 20 prime contractors for the US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command's (TACOM) strategic service solutions Equipment Related Services (TS3 ERS) contract.

Under the TACOM Omnibus IDIQ contract, SPS received a final extension to its original two (2) year contract for NET software in the form of Interactive Multimedia Instructional (IMI) for Knight, Abrams, and Bradley Vehicle Systems.  For this project, SPS develops IMI Material to support NET for Program Manager-Armored Brigade Combat Team (PM ABCT).

SPS received a Prime Small Business Award for Advisory Liaison Services to support the Bradley Fire Support Team (BFIST) and Knight platforms at Fort Sill, OK.  This was a Small Business Prime contract awarded under the TACOM Omnibus IDIQ.  The BFIST is the “Eyes" of the US armed forces artillery units. The United States Army acquired the Bradley fire support vehicle (BFIST) to replace the M981 fire support team vehicle (FISTY).

Huntsville, AL based Systems Products and Solutions, Inc. (SPS) has been awarded the Afghanistan Service Support - Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) contract.  In support of this effort, SPS will provide JIEDDO with logistics and life support services for personnel and materiel transiting to and through the Afghanistan area of operations (AO).  The services provided will include coordination, management and monitoring of related resources in support of JIEDDO’s missions across the CENTCOM area of responsibility.

Huntsville, AL-based Systems Products and Solutions, Inc. has been notified that it is on Millennium Systems Services, Inc.’s contract award to perform requirements for Logistics Engineering Services. For this contract, SPS provides Engineers and Subject Matter Experts to the AMRDEC and its associated Program Management Offices in support of Integrated Product Team requirements.  Requirements include the preparation, presentation, and staffing of Business Case Analysis-related matters such as aviation equipment/system reliability, maintainability, and availability.

Huntsville, AL based Systems Products and Solutions, Inc. (SPS) has been awarded the Joint Accountability Cell (JAC) contract in support of Department of Defense (DOD), Joint Staff J1’s joint personnel accountability (JPA) initiatives.  In support of this effort, SPS will provide the JSJ1 with development, deployment, training, and management of JPA related applications and processes.  The services provided will include analysis of human capital data and information systems from agencies across the DOD Enterprise.